The staff of department leads active work with students in formation of love to motherland and proud for Ukrainian people and state. We organize and make thematic meetings, lectures at the department and university, educational performances about outstanding people of Ukraine, visit theaters, museums, music halls.

Already traditional became cooperation with the staff of Regional Library for Youth in organization meetings, dedicated to the memory of Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko.

It is necessary to submit that teaching of students at the Department of Ukrainian Language, studying Ukrainian language, language culture promotes education of national consciousness of Ukrainian students and respect of foreign students to our people and state.

Shevchenko celebrations in youth library with foreign and Ukrainian students of Dentistry Faculty (2013)

Cooperation with the staff of youth library Honoring the 140-th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka

The staff of department leads active popularization of language knowledges outside the university through the regional and national mass-media. V. Yukalo published series of linguistic advices in papers “Medychna Akademiya”, “Vashe Zdorovya”, took part in numerous programs of Ternopil Regional State TV and Radio Company on the functioning of Ukrainian language, among them television programs “Tema dnya”, “Ranok z TTB”, radio programs “Maydan molodyh”, “Subotni dialogy”, “Ordynatorska”, “Dobroho dnya”.

I and II course foreign students took part on Shevchenko celebrations (2018)